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My New Book - The Pickle Story - Now in the National Museum of American History at the Smithsonian

The Pickle Story by Robert F. Stover and his daughter Laura Basset is a delightful and original work of long-neglected local history. The authors invite us to share a time which has vanished in history, as they reach back to explore social and human issues still with us today. The story is current in regards to immigration as it focuses on the Bracero Work Program which brought so many

Mexican laborers to our country in the 1940's.

"One rainy day while rummaging through boxes in our basement, I found a small brown envelope with a collection of black and white photos. When my daughters asked me about them, my memories of those days came flooding back. I had quite a few stories about the different families who worked our farm during that time. My daughters suggested I write everything down. We've compiled all of the photos and the stories in this book. I hope you enjoy this little piece of history from my family." —Bob Stover

If you would like to order the book or read more about it, please CLICK HERE.


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